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Adian Dawuda



Geovisualization: Austrian Soils Web Application
·105 words·1 min
The objective of this project is to develop a web-based mapping application that enables users to investigate the distribution of different soil types across Austria. The application provides users with information about the coverage of each soil type within Austria.
Object-Based Image Analysis: OBIA Classification
·833 words·4 mins
The goal of this exercise is to employ a variety of Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) Methods to classify a generated scene (Figure 1). This includes the use of sample-based and knowledge-based (including hierarchical) approaches.
Machine Learning: Multiclass Classification
·1144 words·6 mins
This project aims to perform a multiclass classification with machine learning methods to classify the quality of different wines depending on certain other attributes (e.g., pH, acidity, sugar, alcohol). Multiple steps of exploratory data analysis, preprocessing, and classification are conducted.
Software Development: Google Earth Tweet Mapper
·98 words·1 min
The following showcases a Java program developed to integrate data from a CSV file and an OGC WMS into a KML file and open the file with Google Earth. The final KML file displays tweets as placemarks along a timescale and uses a WMS image as a ground overlay.
Software Development: Web Feature Service Connector
·358 words·2 mins
The following showcases a Java program that retrieves and parses features from a Web Feature Service (WFS) using GeoTools. The chosen data source is the city of Vienna’s WFS for open data.