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Adian Dawuda



Geodata Acquisition: Mobile GNSS Data Acquisition II
·784 words·4 mins
Located in central Europe, the city of Salzburg is home to many different species of trees. This project aims to analyze the distribution of tree species within the city. To obtain data for this analysis, the location, species, and selected attributes of trees are manually collected in the field using Esri Field Maps.
Geodata Acquisition: Mobile GNSS Data Acquisition I
·714 words·4 mins
Today the capture of GNSS data has become accessible to most people via sensors built into smartphones. Although smartphone sensors are not known to have particularly high accuracy, they provide a simple, cost-effective solution for GNSS data collection.
Spatial Databases: WebGIS Database Backend
·2021 words·10 mins
The use of a WebGIS is of great help for visualizing and organizing spatial and non-spatial data when planning and managing large events. It can allow visitors to easily access data and query information through an application on their phone.
Geovisualization: Austrian Soils Web Application
·105 words·1 min
The objective of this project is to develop a web-based mapping application that enables users to investigate the distribution of different soil types across Austria. The application provides users with information about the coverage of each soil type within Austria.
Object-Based Image Analysis: OBIA Classification
·726 words·4 mins
This exercise employs a variety of Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) Methods to classify a generated scene (Figure 1). This includes the use of sample-based and knowledge-based (including hierarchical) approaches. All practical tasks in this exercise were conducted using eCognition 9.