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Adian Dawuda



Analysis and Modeling: Machine Learning (SVM & RF) for RS Image Classification
4491 words·22 mins
For a PDF version of the paper click here 1 Introduction # In the era of big data, the amount and availability of remote sensing and earth observation (EO) data as a whole has seen a large increase (Culberg & Fuhs, 2017; Lv & Wang, 2020).
Geo AI: Geospatial and Semantic Analyses of Social Media Data
44 words·1 min
This project performs a complete geospatial and semantic analysis of social media data. The methodology used has many real-world application contexts. The code used for this analysis has been implemented as a Jupyter Notebook and can also be accessed through Google Colaboratory or GitHub.
I3 Project: Automated Road Segmentation for Change Detection in Cologne
3886 words·19 mins
Abstract # Through growingly accessible computing power and frameworks, deep learning has emerged as a promising approach to automatically extract information from images, thereby saving time and resources. This project combines earth observation (EO) data analysis with deep learning to highlight changes in the city of Cologne’s road network between the years 1998 and 2019.
Geodata Acquisition: Photogrammetry Using UAV-Based Aerial Images
723 words·4 mins
This analysis is based on a fictional scenario, where UAV photogrammetry is used to determine whether the goals of a football pitch are equal in size. To do this, images of the pitch are captured and analyzed.
Geodata Acquisition: Mobile GNSS Data Acquisition II
782 words·4 mins
Located in central Europe, the city of Salzburg is home to many different species of trees. This project aims to analyze the distribution of tree species within the city. To obtain data for this analysis, the location, species, and selected attributes of trees are manually collected in the field using Esri Field Maps.